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The first Hidden Camera Detector for iPhone helps you make sure there are no spy cameras invading your privacy.

How do I use the HCD app?


Open the app, point your phones camera at a part of the room to be scanned, (ideally at 4-6 feet) then press the search button. Hold the camera still for a few seconds while the detector analyzes the area or until you begin to see red or yellow crosshairs appear. If no crosshairs appear point your camera at another part of the room and begin again until you have scanned all parts of the room.


How does the HCD app compare to hardware hidden camera detectors that use blinking lights or radio frequency detection?


Here at HCDapp.com we use hardware devices as part of our everyday careers, but there are several differences between these hardware devices and the HCD app.


1.      The HCD app is about 10% of the cost

2.      The HCD app is available for immediate download, most hardware devices are mail order.

3.      You don't have to carry around another device, just use the HCD app on your iPhone.

4.      Flashing laser devices rely on human vision only, no computer augmented targeting like the HCD app.

5.      Radio frequency devices are difficult for the average person to use and require that the camera be transmitting, many if not most spy cameras today record onboard the camera with no transmission at all.


How does the HCD app find tiny cameras?


The HCD app uses your phones camera flash to create a reflection from the lens of any camera. In order for the camera to record your activities it must have an exposed lens and so the HCD app can find it.


The HCD apps patent pending video content analysis algorithm then goes into effect, comparing reflections shown on your video screen to known hidden camera identifiers.


If the reflection is not likely to be a camera it is just identified with a little yellow square and can be ignored.


If the reflection might be a camera it is identified with yellow crosshairs. 


If the reflection has a high probability score it will be surrounded by red crosshairs (see picture up and to the left).


If you see a steady red crosshair on the screen this is a target you should visually inspect for telltale signs that it may be a spy camera.


How do I know if I found a hidden spy camera?


Look for a small lens about the size of the head of a pin. Also look for wires or small antennae connected to the device.


However, many spy cameras are self contained camera and recorders requiring no wires or antennae and may be embedded into devices like clocks, pens or keychain remotes. In this case you should look for a USB connection port or SD memory card slot, these are required to transfer the spy video to a computer.


Sometimes there are lots of false targets flickering in and out when I use my detector, why is this?


Remember, one identifier the detector looks for is bright white reflected light. Some environments with shiny dark colored surfaces like an A/V rack or other light/dark contrast like the leaves of a tree blowing against a bright sky may cause red and yellow targets to flicker on and off.


The steady red crosshairs are the targets to look into not these obvious anomalies.


How can I learn to tell what targets are cameras?


Practice on traditional, indoor security cameras, its fun and will help you understand what a high probability target looks like.


What if I find a spy camera?


If you think you found a real spy camera you can click the camera button while scanning in the HCD app. If you enabled location tracking this will save an image of the camera and its GPS location to support any claim of invasion of privacy you might pursue.


You can also click the folder icon in the HCD app and email us the image for a second opinion forensics@hcdapp.com Take a few pictures to increase your odds of getting a good image.


Do you provide free updates?


Yes, the software algorithm required to detect tiny cameras is very complex and we will be improving the algorithm though your input and machine learning techniques for many years to come. Be sure and update your HCD app often as new generations of the app can represent giant leaps in detection capability.


Is this app a simulation or is it really pointing out potential spy cameras?


The HCD app is a real software program that does a great job of detecting hidden cameras. Even though it is fun to hunt for cameras everyday it is more than an entertainment app,  it is a real utility and an essential part of protecting your personal privacy. However, HCDapp.com makes no representations, warranties or guarantee of performance, by downloading or using this software you agree to the EULA.


Are all red targets cameras?


No, look for the telltale signs of a true spy camera listed above.


Is the HCD app available for my Droid or Microsoft phone?


Almost, we are working in it. Contact us if you would like to be informed when the HCD app is available on other platforms.


Where should I be concerned about finding hidden spy cameras?


Spy cameras have been found in corporate environments, offices, locker rooms, tanning booths, bedrooms, private residences, schools, retail locations, changing rooms, and many other locations where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.


Watch the video and learn more about spy cameras on our Home Page


What kind of objects might contain spy cameras?


Clocks, pens, keychain remotes, watches, teddy bears, sunglasses, computer speakers, air conditioners and even your bathrobe and towel hook!


Watch the video and learn more about spy cameras on the Home Page 

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